Customize your Fedora. Installing Icons

This work in Fedora 20.
I have downloaded ‘Fedora 20 Electronics Lab’, and I like the system but the icons are extremely ugly. So I decided to try to install a new icon pack, and I selected the Pacifica icons.

Pacifica icons

We need to copy the folder of the icons downloaded in usr/share/icons. But only the root user can do it. We have the option to login as root user (not recomended), but I tried to find a most secure way to do it.

I selected the icon Pack ‘Pacifica’, you can download from:

Then you have to activate the icons using Gnome Tweak, you can download it from the software centre.

On many occasions and I tried to copy a file or folder somewhere where I always get a message that says: “Not authorized to write to this folder” so have to use the command line to copy them as root.
Well, I have now learned to do and graphics mode, that simplifies copying files as root.

In the command line/Terminal, type:

sudo nautilus

Then, will appear a window. Go to usr/share/icons and create a new folder called ‘Pacifica’ and paste inside the content of the downloaded folder

1 Paste as root Fedora

Now we can activate it using Gnome Tweak Tool.

2 Gnome tweak Fedora

And here is the result:

Pacifica icons in Fedora 20

OPTION 2: Enable root login (NOT RECOMENDED)

Loged as normal user. Using the Terminal:
FIrst of all write:


and put your password
Then, be careful (don’t scare) because we are going to modify some files of the system. In the comand line will appear  ‘#’ and then write

cd /etc/pam.d/

vi gdm

We will modefy the file gdm. Comment the following line:

auth required user != root quiet

Adding ‘#’:

# auth required user != root quiet

Save and exit

The other file we have to modify is /etc/pam.d/gdm-password

vi gdm-password

Also comment the line as:

# auth required user != root quiet

Save and exit.  Now you can copy and paste the folder.


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